Return To The Tideway

CULRC returned to the Tideway this weekend for more training and practice ahead of our Boat Race next term. One eight was selected for the training weekend. The four days in London provided the crew with invaluable experience dealing with the difficult wind conditions and tidal stream. On Sunday, we rowed two training pieces with Thames Rowing Club’s 5th VIII – the first from the Start to St. Pauls, and the second from the start of the Eyot to the Finish Line.
Off the start of the first piece, both crews were very evenly matched, with neither managing to pull ahead within the first 90 seconds despite very aggressive starts. However, CULRC managed to gradually eke out a few seats, before powering away from TRC to break clear by the mile post. By the time the crews had to wind down, CULRC had a three length lead on TRC.
The second training piece saw TRC return with a vengeance, and an aggressive start gained them half a seat which they managed to hold on to for 30 seconds. CULRC kept level heads and kept up the pressure, and once again managed to push away from TRC to break clear by the bandstand. CULRC continued to move, and crossed the finish line four lengths ahead of TRC.
As ever, we are very grateful to our hosts London Rowing Club and Thames Rowing club for their generosity in allowing us to use their launches and facilities. We would also like to thank all the alumni and friends who hosted our athletes in London over the weekend. Without your support, our training on the tideway would not be possible.

Photo provided by All Mark One