CULRC Quintin Head Report

This weekend we returned to the Tideway for our first Tideway race since Four’s Head. We were keen to make our mark and to show how the squad has developed over the last few months, and developed a hard race plan to match this.

Sadly we started in a fairly low position in the draw, but this didn’t stop us going off hard and fast from Chiswick Bridge when our time to race came, taking advantage of the strong tailwind. Despite gusty conditions from Barnes Bridge to Chiswick Steps, we raced in solid unity, with our President, Tom, keeping the rate high and the stroke rhythmic from the stroke seat. This lead to us overtaking a number of crews.

From then on, the crew dug deep and found a new level of aggression, which we used to drive on and attack the second half of the piece with a vengeance. Coming under Hammersmith Bridge at high speed, we had to relinquish the racing line in order to pass two crews simultaneously, but we still managed to wind hard for the finish line, and put down a solid time. This was sufficient to win the Open Development Pennant division by almost 20 seconds, after overtaking six crews in total.

The squad were encouraged by this win, and it has fuelled us on to step up our training and continue to improve ahead of our next race, in which we look forward to proving ourselves as an accomplished Lightweight Men’s VIII.

Open Development Men’s 8 #117

If  you would like to race with CULRC at Quintin Head in 2020 then please contact Assistant Coach Astrid Cohnen on [email protected]