Boat Race 2012 – Race Report

Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club won the 2012 Lightweight Boat Race on the 25th March by 3/4 length in a time of 6 minutes.

A win for CULRC at the 2012 Lightweight Boat Race
A win for CULRC at the 2012 Lightweight Boat Race

Conditions on the day were near-perfect for spectators with clear blue skies and only a slight breeze. However there was only a weak amount of stream and the wind was blowing a cross-head the whole way down the course meaning times were not going to be record-breaking.

The CULRC crew of Nicolas Kernick, Rupert Price, Piran Tedbury, Charlie Pitt-Ford, Matt White, Simon Morris, Martin Kubie and James Wedlake coxed by Mike Hook went off the start hard and fast to take an early lead. Rowing through some quite unsettled water in the first 500m the crew moved onto a strong rhythm at 38 strokes per minute. At this point they had moved to a healthy 3/4 length lead over Oxford.

Through the middle of the race the CULRC crew held onto the solid rhythm but Oxford put in push after push to remain in contact. Moving into the last 500m the Cambridge crew still had the original lead they had got in the early stages of the race setting up an exciting final burst.

The crews came close in the run into the line and the CULRC stroke seat, Nicolas Kernick, started to clash blades with the OULRC bowman. Several warnings came from the umpires launch but the race continued without incident and the Cambridge crew put in their final push, named after track cyclist Chris Hoy, to maintain the lead, crossing the line 3/4 of a length ahead.

The OULRC crew appealed upon finishing the race but umpire Sir Matthew Pinsent ruled that the result was to stand and the CULRC crew commenced their celebrations.

The Women’s Blue Boat also won their race meaning that Cambridge won the overall Victor Ludorum of the event and the coveted Francome cup. This is a prize that has not been in Cambridge’s hands for a number of years.