Autumn Head 2009

Cambridge Autumn Head is the first event that the CULRC squad enters each year, and can be viewed as offering a warm-up for the more competitive races later in the season. It also offers a chance to put into action at high rates the technical changes made over the first four weeks. Still conditions meant that many crews were producing faster times than in previous years, and the CULRC were no exception.

The coxed four set off at a solid yet relaxed 35 and held this rate over much of the course. Cox Sonya Milanova coped well through the corners despite a broken rudder wire, and after overtaking the City of Cambridge four which got the second fastest time in our category we wound it to 37 for the line. A strong time of 9:30 bodes well for the season ahead.

Autumn Head 4 2009

The coxed four just after the finish

Two matched VIIIs were also entered and produced the fastest times of the day – 9.02 and 9.04. Both crews rowed the course at a consistent pace, at an average rate of 33, and displayed good maturity to hold technical form throughout the race. A time of 9.00 is regarded as the premier bar in this event, and the CULRC times show an encouraging depth of squad, at this stage of the season.

Autumn Head 8-a 2009

Autumn Head 8-b2 2009

The two matched VIIIs

Next weekend sees the first round of GB long-distance sculling trials in Boston, coinciding with the BUCS Small Boats Head. CULRC will be sending seven athletes to this event.