Goldie semi-final at Henley 2018

CUBC’s PA 4+ to the final

CUBC’s Goldie PA4+, coxed by Hugo Ramambason, and rowed by Callum Sullivan (Downing), Reggie Mitchell (Trinity), Jonty Page (Pembroke) and Tom Strudwick (Christ’s) won a well-contested final against Columbia University Lightweight Crew (USA) and will take on Imperial College at 11.30am.

The crew will boat from Bay A tomorrow at 10.45am, and Cambridge Alumni and supporters are encouraged to cheer Goldie as they boat.

Fellow CUBC students Freddie Davidson (Emmanuel) and Rob Hurn (St. Edmund’s) were unlucky not to make the final in tough races later in the day.

Davidson’s composite CUBC/Leander 4- was narrowly beaten by a Leander 4- in the semi-final of the Visitors’, and both crews will go on to trial at Caversham next week for U23 berths.

Rob Hurn, rowing with fellow Yale alumnus Sholto Carnegie, drew the tough Australian pair of Watts and Widdecombe and although the Australians took a lead early in the race, Hurn and Carnegie rowed back to overlap before the finish.