World Cup III – Rotterdam

The last rowing world cup was held last weekend. It was the final race in the series before the World Championships at the end of August, and we were delighted to see squad member Jan Helmich (Trinity Hall) as part of the German team.

Jan joined multiple Cambridge alumni who were racing for various national teams.

The conditions were difficult, with strong headwinds and plenty of waves. This caused all heats to be replaced by time trials and exhibition races to be cancelled completely.

Nonetheless Jan started in the PR3 Men’s Pairs A final on Saturday and managed to win with an astonishing lead of over six lengths to the second place. With this gold medal earned, it is now time to refocus and prepare for the upcoming World Rowing Championships in Austria, where he will have the chance to qualify Germany for the next Paralympic Games, held in Tokyo next year.

Good luck to Jan in these last few weeks of preparation!