Trial VIIIs 2012

The squad headed down to Dorney on Wednesday for a few days training prior to Trial Eights. Very variable weather conditions including ice, heavy rain and a strong ‘Dorney crosswind’ gave us some interesting challenges and we spent Thursday rowing on the river due to a frozen lake. Crews were set and the names ‘Gin and Tonic’ were chosen for the two eights with ‘Wardrobe’ as the four’s name selection. Gin took the Hudson with Nick as coach and Tonic the Empacher with Annie coaching. We spent the week building up crew identities and after a few last minute crew changes to even out the boat speeds, we were ready to race at 11am on Saturday morning.

An early lead from Gin in the first few strokes was matched by Tonic, whose start came together compared to previous outings. Tonic’s more experienced stern pair, Fay Sandford and Emily Day set a long and solid race rhythm and moved through Gin to be half a length up by 1000m. Pushes at 1000m and during the last 500m saw Tonic move to clear water, winning by a 5 second margin. Wardrobe was started 1 minute before the eights and set good splits across the course.

After the race the squad headed back to Cambridge to enjoy a celebration of the term’s training at Trial Eights dinner.


Crew Lists:


Bow – Alex Courage
2 – Jilly Tovey
3 – Alex Kamins
4 – Katie Whitlock
5 – Caroline Reid
6 – Helena Schofield
7 – Melissa Wilson
Stroke – Claire Watkins
Cox – Rose McNeill


Bow – Lenka Veselovska
2 – Marina Steketee
3 – Sara Lackner
4 – Jess Denman
5 – Vicky Shaw
6 – Holly Game
7 – Emily Day
Stroke – Fay Sandford
Cox – Arav Gupta


Bow – Ania Slotala
2 – Lizzy Johnstone
3 – Rachel Boyd
4 – Dianne Esson
Cox – Brie Stark
Coach – Esther Momcilovic