Trial Eights Races 2006

The Trial Eights races this year were held at Dorney Lake. The weather was typical of December, with high cross winds, waves and a platform big enough to drill oil from around the 250m mark. The lake was not shut though – a considerable improvement upon last year.  The crews were named after the Olympic motto – Citius, Altius, Fortius, or Swifter, Higher, Stronger. Altius coped best to finish first, with Citius and Fortius battling for second position in their wake. 

Cath Bishop (BB ‘91, ’93) came to the race, watching with Chief Coaches Roger Silk and Ron Needs. Cath is a World Champion and an Olympic silver medallist in the pair. She was the guest speaker at the ensuing Trial Eights Dinner – a celebration of the training in Michaelmas term.

Crews Citius (heavyweight) 

Sarah Johnson, Anne Waller, Anita Davies, Erin Weber, Lizzy Jackson, Ellie Mitchell, Alice Wordley, Katje Lange, coxed by Ian Wright.

Altius (heavyweight)  

Hannah Stratford, Anna Simpson, Katie Cranleigh-Swash, Sonia Bracegirdle, Jenny Reid, Lucy Wordley, Elselijn Kingma, Guen Bradbury, coxed by James Appleton.

Fortius (lightweight) 

Sarah Rose, Jennifer Gulliver, Lucy Rackley, Lilie Weaver, Helen Ralston, Tosin Farinre, Claire Hansell, Fran Rawlins, coxed by Eleanor Goodfield.

Away at National Trials  

Rachael Jefferies


Anna Southall, Suzy Robinson, Charlotte Allen, Jocy Williams, Katie Smith, Pia Tapley

Guen Bradbury