Training Camp Report: Soustons 2013

CUWBC spent 4th – 12th January on winter training camp in Soustons, France with over 30 squad members and 3 coaches attending. We were greeted with excellent weather conditions, flat water most days, very little rain and some beautiful sunsets. The beginning of the week was spent focussing on technique and getting used to being back in the boat after the Christmas break. Seat racing took place over two days and some committed and close racing in IVs yielded information that will be used for selection of the three crews in the coming weeks. Towards the end of the week, we began to work more in skeleton crews and focussed on rowing cohesively within our crews. We made full use of the 2k buoyed course to undertake competitive pieces at a variety of rates, splits taken over the course helping us to see how much we had improved over the week.

In addition to the rowing, we had some excellent stretching sessions each evening run by Angela the squad physiotherapist, who accompanied us on camp keeping us flexible and warding off injury. A much needed mid week afternoon off was spent in Biarritz exploring the town and on the beach, with some squad members even braving a dip in the sea!

Overall, the camp was a great success, clocking nearly 200km on the water in addition to the myriad technical changes that will improve our boat speed. Heading back into term time with 10 weeks until the Henley Boat Races and fixtures on the Tideway and in Nottingham over the next few weeks, the squad is ready to take the improvements made on training camp back to Ely and continue to build on them.

Photos: Brielle Stark