#ThankYou – Cambridge College Boat Clubs!

Light Blue-  a Blazer of many colours


We have said it before but we can always say it again.  Thank you to all the amazing College Boat Clubs!

All Cambridge University sport derives membership from the college sporting network.  The College clubs  provide the opportunity to play a familiar sport or to try something new.  As every student will know, joining a sports team can bring a structure to academic life.  With shared values, strong friendships, and continual learning.

For those who want to compete at a higher level, University sport unites intercollegiate Cambridge under one light blue banner.  With many teams competing at BUCS, as well as the pinnacle of the sporting year, the annual Varsity Match.

College Boat Clubs are key to university rowing success


At Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club, we value the role every college boat club plays in bringing so many young people into our sport.  The warm welcome and inclusive nature of the college boat clubs ensures that those who may never have enjoyed school sport sit in crews alongside those with sporting backgrounds.  As they are enticed out of the library, off the fields or out of swimming pools into a boat.  These novices will be alongside those who have already been introduced to rowing at school and can’t wait for more! The sight of the novice boats zig-zagging their way through the mist on the early morning Cam showcases the accessibility of our sport for every student.

Hear from Charlotte Jackson, Jesus College,


I learned to row at Jesus College Boat Club and can’t thank them enough.  I have loved rowing with Jesus. From my first Lent bumps as a novice, going down 3 (bumped twice on the finish line – it hurts!), to retaining Double Headship for the second year in 2018.  It’s been amazing.  There is such a close community at JCBC.  Most of my closest friends are people I have rowed with in the past few years. It has been inspiring to be part of a team that really wants to perform for each other.  The support from JCBC during Dev Squad and while I’ve been trialling has been fantastic.  It has kept my spirits up when things have been tough, I’m looking forward to coming back for Mays!” 

From College to University to National Team


At CUWBC we are particularly proud of our heritage of developing those who have been nurtured and imbued with a love for rowing (often bordering on addiction!) by their College Boat Club coaches and Captains and who join our trialing process every September. With the majority of our Boat Race crew members having learned to row at their respective colleges.   This pathway from college novice to CUWBC has often only been the beginning of a journey that has reached all the way up to the British Rowing Team.

The existence and continued success of the University Light Blues depends on the college boat club system. Assistant Coach Paddy Ryan was excited to see the latest crop of talent joining the ergo sessions at Goldie Boathouse.  Over the summer, keen college rowers will take part in our Development Squad camp to take their rowing to the next level before deciding to trial come September for our 2020 crews.

Cambridge College rowing family


Being part of the broader Cambridge College rowing family makes rowing for CUWBC special. All of our triallists are proud to represent their colleges, and for those who have learned to love the sport from early days with their college, the progress is even more satisfying.

So when we say ‘Light Blue is a coat of many colours’, we mean that everyone who represents CUWBC will also be representing not only their University but their College Boat Club, school and family too.


If you would like to join the weekly ergo session or join our Development Squad in the summer – please contact Paddy HERE