Testing Times at Trial Races

Last week, CUWBC crews were able to test themselves over the courses on which they will take on their Oxford counterparts in March 2016.

On Thursday 10, ‘Tideway’ and ‘Twickenham’  raced in testing conditions on the Championship Course. The names were selected in recognition of the change in location for both The Women’s Boat Race and the Women’s Varsity Match, with 2014/15 CUWBC President Caroline Reid playing at Twickenham whilst her former clubmates were racing on the Tideway.

Caroline Habjan (Twickenham) and Alexandra Wood (Tideway) report…

“It was an honor to be part of the Twickenham boat at the Trial VIIIs Race on the Tideway” reports crew member Caroline Habjan, and this was the sentiment for all the rowers racing.  Trial VIII’s is a tough race, where the CUWBC squad is divided into two equal crews and then required to race against each other producing tough, exciting, but ultimately painful experiences for half the team.  It is an event like no other.

The CUWBC squad showed their pedigree and racing toughness as the crews battled in tough conditions giving friends, family and alumni a taste of what to expect in March 2016.

The teammates in both crews provided very stiff competition, with the crews matching efforts at the start and pacing with us throughout the entirety of the racecourse. Racing against the Tideway crew taught us invaluable lessons that we will take with us to Boat Race day in March. Ultimately, it was very exciting to win the Trial VIIIs race as a member of the Twickenham crew, but I am even more thrilled by the prospect that we are now reuniting the powerful racing ability of both the Tideway and Twickenham crews. On March 27th, the Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club will be a force to be reckoned with.

On Sunday 13, focus moved to Henley-on-Thames where Literally and Figuratively provided very close racing in preparation for the 2016 Henley Boat Races.

Robert Treharne-Jones who followed the races commented…

“‘Literally’ on Bucks contested an evenly-fought contest with ‘Figuratively’ on Berks. As the umpire grappled with these tongue-twisters, so the two crews fought neck-and-neck, with never more than six feet between them over the whole course.

‘Figuratively’ had the edge to Remenham before ‘Literally’ mounted a series of challenges and got their bow ball ahead briefly at Fawley. Despite the obvious pressure neither crew cracked, and with ‘Literally’ building hard over the closing stages, ‘Figuratively’ responded to take the line just a canvas ahead in 7’31”.”