Promising Fixtures for CUWBC

All 3 of CUWBC’s crews enjoyed valuable racing this weekend as part of their preparations for the varsity races in a few weeks’ time.

The B crew (‘Blondie’) raced on Saturday against the Tideway Scullers School (TSS) who are based next to the finish line of the Cancer Research UK Boat Races. In the first piece, TSS took the initial lead with CUWBC coming back to sit ½ a length ahead, extending to ¾ length past Fulham FC. Cambridge maintained that lead until just before Harrods where TSS took advantage of the bend to come back and eventually winning by a ‘canvas’. In the 2nd piece, the crews kept the same stations and the race started much the same with TSS having a rapid start but CUWBC moving back about a minute into the piece. Approaching Barnes Bridge, CUWBC had a 1 length lead, opening up to clear water through the bridge, resulting in a 1.5 length win to Cambridge.

“It was a really good opportunity to practice, and get right, our planned moves. From the first to the second piece, we solidified our rhythm and our race plan and stepped on to take clear water. Thanks to Scullers for the excellent racing.” Evie Lindsay (Caius), Cox of Blondie.

Crew: Karolina Farr (Peterhouse, Sally O’Brien (Peterhouse), Paula Wulff (Churchill), Lucy Pike (Trinity Hall), Rachel Elwood (Gonvolle & Caius), Thea Zabell (Downing), Brittany Presten (Peterhouse), Emma Andrews (Pembroke), Cox: Evie Lindsay (Gonville & Caius).

On Sunday, the provisional CUWBC Blue Boat raced against the University of London. The fixture was designated as the media fixture and Umpired by Sarah Winckless, who will take charge of The Women’s Boat Race on the 2 April.

Photo: The Boat Race Company Ltd

The crews raced two pieces with UL having selected the Middlesex station. The first piece was from the Boat Race start line and, after going off at a similar pace, the Cambridge crew began to edge away. Despite a firm breeze, CUWBC opened up clear water after passing Fulham Football Club and had extended their lead to over three lengths at Hammersmith Bridge where they finished. The second piece began with rolling start and a clear water head start for UL. As Cambridge settled into their racing rhythm, they ate into UL’s lead, passing them at the crossing point and breaking contact by the ‘bandstand’ Cambridge moved away to three length victory, having started over a length down.

A full report can be seen on the Boat Races website.

Crew: Claire Lambe (Homerton), Kirsten Van Fossen (St John’s), Ashton Brown (Fitzwilliam), Imogen Grant (Trinity), Holly Hill (Downing), Melissa Wilson (Lucy Cavendish), Myriam Goudet (Lucy Cavendish), Alice White (Homerton), Cox: Matthew Holland (Gonville & Caius).

Having raced against Cantabrigian Rowing Club in Ely on Saturday, the CUWBC lightweight squad arrived in Putney on Sunday to race against UL’s 2nd eight. The crews did 2 pieces over the Championship Course. In the first piece both crews had a strong start with CUWBC capitalising on a crab from UL and relaxing and lengthening to a strong rhythm to gain clear water and win by over 2 lengths. The second piece used a running start and the crews remained in contact for longer, but UL made the most of the inside of the bend following Barnes Bridge and crept away to win by just over a length.


“The 2 pieces gave us the ideal opportunity to test our race strategy and technique under pressure. We maintained a complete focus and worked well within our rhythm whether we were ahead or behind. Thanks to UL for the competitive racing!” Ellie Thompson (Newnham)

Crew: Ellie Thompson (Newnham), Isobel Edwards (Downing), Rosie Boxall (Clare), Fenella McLuskie (St John’s), Rebecca Abbott (Jesus), Fanny Belais (King’s), Ellie Hopgood (Girton), Iona Casley (Gonville & Caius), Cox: Akil Hashmi (Robinson).