Lightweights 2012: Crew Blog #2

Introducing (a little more about) the Lightweights of 2012!

It’s Sunday 4th March and there are exactly 3 weeks until we line up against Tethys in Henley. That’s 21 days, 6 x 5.55am trains, 4 more exhausting weights sessions, only one more weekend in Ely and NO MORE 3x6ks! If it wasn’t real yet, it most certainly is now…

We’ve used the three weeks since Henley wisely. Together with help from our coach – photographer/procrastinator extraordinaire – James Appleton, we have composed a ‘Day in the Life’ presentation that showcases the more important moments in a Lightweight’s life – look out for that being posted in the next couple of days. We’re also now on Twitter (follow us @CUWBC_lwts) and we’ve even written some tweets, although I still don’t understand the #tag thing (such social media is beyond my Grandma-dom). The Lent Bumps provided the opportunity to fly our college flags and facilitated some friendly rivalry with many of us making our way down to the riverbank each day, in support. We went for dinner with some of the girls from last year’s lightweight crew who marvelled at the amount of food Harriet was consuming. Oh, and we’ve done lots of training. I’m currently tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle, ‘working’, happily tired from a good weekend with lots of progress made. We took advantage of an empty river and boathouse yesterday to idle the hours away, more of them in the boathouse chatting, drinking tea and laughing at our ‘pain faces’ on the video than on the water. Then today, the Blue Boat and Blondie were back ready to play, full of beans after some solid racing and results at Eight’s Head. A good weekend had by all, and a great atmosphere in the squad as we head into the final few weeks.

But who, I hear you ask, are the Lightweights of 2012? When they’re not rowing, comparing their height and previous rowing experience and fantasising about food that is….


Name: Harriet Marsh
Seat: Cox

Set the trend for spinning the boat off the pontoon (no backing down!) and can be counted upon to be eating more food than half the crew: “it [the weight] just never goes on!”

I cox because… I am not big enough to row!
My favourite food is… sweet chilli sauce! It should be served with ALL meals
If I wasn’t coxing I would… embrace my alter ego and become a super hero. And sound a lot less like Barry White!


Name: Martina Lagatierra-Wellington
Seat: Stroke

With a penchant for red kit and suffering from nationality-confusion (half-English, half-Filipino, a quarter-Venezuelan and a bit something else?!), Martina can often be found getting her groove on here, there and everywhere with hip mobility that would make Mary proud.

I row because… it allows me to indulge my fetish for unusual stash. I’m also a fan of tan lines, all shapes and sizes
I am most likely to say… “Ooooooh!” / “I’m tired”
If I wasn’t rowing I would… go back to rhythmic gym or dancesport (although one can’t really do these with callouses). Think I could also be a dab hand at staring contests.
Favourite UT2 erg song: Go ahead and judge me but I love me a bit of Buble
Favourite erg test song: BEYONCE. I want to be her.


Name: Charlotte McClean
Seat: 7

When not being mistaken for Hannah, Charlotte is most likely to be found immersed in dusty accounts of medieval medicine, fantasising about Dominos and chocolate or reading trashy magazines…

I row because… I always have
The food I crave the most is… ALL THE CHOCOLATE. And cheese. Specifically cheese melted over Domino’s pizza.
If I wasn’t rowing I would… have less impressive shoulders.
Favourite UT2 erg song: Calvin Harris – Feel so close
Favourite erg test song: Skrillex – Breakin’ a Sweat


Name: Emily Day

Not content with University Hockey, baby of the crew Emily has taken to rowing like a duck to water and, as a Lightweight, is challenging for the ‘best-six pack in the crew’ award.

I row because… Charlotte showed me the way
The food I crave most is… white choc chip cookies. And brownies. In fact, anything even remotely chocolatey
If I wasn’t rowing I would… still be playing every other sport under the sun. I almost miss the variety.
My favourite UT2 erg song: Pirates of the Carribbean theme tune
My favourite erg test song: Eminem – Lose Yourself (“You’ve only got one shot”’)


Name: Hannah Morgan
Seat: 5

Not to be confused with Charlotte. Although Hannah is the self-proclaimed ‘Grandma’ of the crew, she is prone to random bursts of hyperactiveness. Spends far too much time on Facebook chat, and exhibits terrifying levels of muscle definition.

I row because… I’ve nothing else to do?
The food I crave most is… there isn’t enough space for me to fill this out
I am most likely to say… “literally…”
If I wasn’t rowing I would… probably have finished my thesis and be a grown up
My favourite UT2 erg songs: Ting Tings – Clap Your Hands, Any Linkin Park/Foo Fighters/Feeder or anything you’d hear on a Sunday night in Life
My favourite erg test songs: Linkin Park – Faint, Foo Fighters – Best of You, Eminem – Till I collapse


Name: Lenka Veselovska
Seat: 4

Our Czech champion and erg beast, Lenka is most likely to be heard to be saying something incredibly inappropriate…

I row because… I changed my mind (after initially deciding it was too clichéd to row in Cambridge)
The food I crave most is… all chocolate
I am most likely to say… something with double meaning without realising it / “Ooh La La!”
If I wasn’t rowing I would… travel somewhere every weekend
My favourite UT2 erg song: The Killers – Mr Brightside
My favourite erg test song: Any rock… but I don’t really hear any music


Name: Emma Copham
Seat: 3

Undeniably the Crew Faffer, Copham can always be relied upon to be last to be ready for anything…

I row because… please don’t ask me why…
The food I crave most is… protein shakes (obviously)
I am most likely to say… while retrieving a water bottle/ faffing with kit: “One minute guys…”
My favourite UT2 erg song: Eminem – Till I collapse
My favourite erg test song: Eminem – Lose yourself


Name: Christabel Lines
Seat: 2

Absolute weights demon, C-bel is a force to be reckoned with. Until she collapses into giggles.

I row because… it gives me an excuse to do deadlifts
The food I crave most is… Sainsbury’s white chocolate and raspberry cookies, hot from the microwave
I am most likely to say… “I bet I could deadlift that”
If I wasn’t rowing I would… become a power lifter
My favourite UT2 erg song: Til I collapse Eminem
My favourite erg test song: Jimmy Eat World – Bleed America


Name: Olga Kasayanova
Seat: Bow

Don’t be fooled by her smiley demeanour. Olga will cut you down in a second with one strike of her demon-strong legs.

The food I crave the most is… nothing. I can happily survive on bananas and Frijj
I am most likely to say… “that’s ONLY 12 reps?”
If I wasn’t rowing I would… have for too much energy
My favourite UT2 erg song: Anything cheesy. I love cheese.
My favourite erg test song: I don’t usually hear any songs during a test


See you in less-than-3-weeks
Hannah Morgan