“Gotta Love the Burn” as Actin takes on Myosin

Openweight Trial Eights will take place on  Monday 16th December at 14:45

The Trial Eights races form an important part of The Boat Race preparation each year and this year we have two crews representing 11 different Cambridge Colleges.   The crews will race the full length of the Championship Course from Putney to Mortlake under the watchful eye of Chief Coach Robert Weber.

The squad has been divided into two evenly matched crews and the hope is for close racing along the Boat Race course.  This race marks the end of this period of training for the team and is an important marker in the selection process.  For some members of the crews, this is the first time they will have raced a Trial Race.  Without doubt it is one of the most intense piece of racing the crews will have undertaken this term.

If you want to find out more about our team use this LINK

The crews are named ‘Myosin’ and ‘Actin’ after two proteins which pull against each other in muscle contraction. Myosin will race in black while Actin will be in white.


Myosin in Black

Cox: Angela Harper (Churchill College)
8: Eva Simkens (Clare College)
7: Larkin Sayre (Emmanuel College)
6: Laura Foster (Queens’ College)
5: Rebecca Smith (Newnham College)
4: Adriana Perez Rotondo (Newnham College)
3: Jo Matthews (St. John’s College)
2: Gemma King (St. John’s College)
1: Anna Harrison (Wolfson College)


Actin in White

Cox: Dylan Whitaker (King’s College)
8: Caoimhe Dempsey (Newnham College)
7: Tricia Smith (Christ’s College)
6: Sophie Paine (Wolfson College)
5: Abba Parker (Emmanuel College)
4: Sarah Portsmouth (Newnham College)
3: Emily McHarg (Newnham College)
2: Rebecca Dell (Christ’s College)
1: Bronya Sykes (Caius College)