Gold, Silver and Bronze at BUSA 2006

CUW entered three crews into BUSA this year. Saturday saw the races of the Championship Coxed fours. A crew composed of five members of the Blondie crew competed in this event. Despite an anxious wait for the boat trailer, the crew was on the water in time for their heat. They cruised away from Warwick and Bath, took the rate right down after 500m and paddled across the line at rate twenty. The semifinal was tougher, with a crew from Oxford consisting of four members of their winning Blue Boat and one of their winning Osiris. The race was fast – never a chance to slack off with Oxford and Southampton right alongside. A controlled sprint in the last 100m brought the Blondie girls through Oxford to take second place a length behind Southampton.

Two hours off, and then it was the final. A crab in the first few strokes lost half a length, and the first 500m was competent but not particularly fast, coming through the marker in fourth place. A very strong middle 1000m brought them through to third, and a storming last 500m saw them blasting through Oxford to take gold by 0.3 seconds in a fantastic row. The race was very close – with Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham and Southampton within 1.5 seconds at the end.

On Monday, a composite of most of the winning lightweight crew and some of Blondie raced well in Junior eights to pick up the silver behind a strong Oxford crew. Unfortunately the Blue Boat was plagued by illness, and despite a strong substitute crew member, they finished third in Championship Eights behind Nottingham and Durham, still beating Oxford who came in fifth.

Championship Coxed Four – GOLD

Charlie Collas, Sam Polak, Philippa Rock, Guen Bradbury, coxed by James Appleton

Junior Eight – SILVER

Kristina Marshall, Kaia O’Hare, Charlotte Richer, Emma Mitchell, Claire Hansell, Lilie Weaver, Lucy Rackley, Katie Smith, coxed by Kathryn Coffin

Championship Eight – BRONZE

Philippa Rock, Gillian McFarland, Janine Lumley, Jen Hawton, Hannah Bill, Lucy Wordley, Elselijn Kingma, Lizzie Woolley, coxed by Rebecca Dowbiggin

Guen Bradbury