Fours Head

The run up to Four’s Head has not been as smooth as I might have hoped, with injury and illness spreading amongst the squad. However we arrived in Putney to rig the boats ready to show that we had made a good start to the trialling year.

Conditions on the day were challenging; strong wind and rain meant that the water was quite choppy in places, which provided a sharp reminder of the choppy conditions which we are expecting at Henley next March.

I was racing in CUW III, along with the bow girl and cox from my Blondie crew, and two new triallists. There was a long wait at the start before our category (WS3) was set off. The race started well, we had a strong solid start and soon settled into our race rhythm. Before long we started to overtake the crews in front of us. We came passed Cambridge 99’s III easily, before inching passed the Oxford Brooks crew which had started in front of us. When we crossed the finish line we were confident that we had rowed well, but were slightly concerned that we could have pushed a little bit harder.

When the results were published, we were very pleased to see that we had one our category, beating all of the other Cambridge fours and five of the seven Oxford fours in the process.

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