Blue Boat vs Brookes I.

Cambridge won the toss and choose the Surrey station. This first piece took place from The Boat Race finish to Chiswick steps, which represented excellent preparation for both crews ahead of the upcoming Women’s Head of the River on 7th March. The crews were aligned by our Chief Coach Robert Weber.  Women’s Boat Race Umpire, Judith Packer, saw both crews off to a strong start. Brookes, under the tutelage of ex-CUBC Assistant Coach Richard Chambers, made the most of the advantage from the Middlesex bend and took an early one length lead in the first few minutes.

Both crews were warned coming into Barnes Bridge, after which the Brookes crew pushed on to take clear water over the Light Blues. By the Bandstand there was significant wash from passing river traffic, which created challenging conditions for both crews.  The final verdict at Chiswick steps was 4 lengths to Brookes.

The second race was a rolling start with both crews level for the first minute, as the crews passed Hammersmith Bridge, Brookes were able to extend their lead on the outside of the Surrey bend.  The Brookes women continued to extend their lead until the finish line at the Black Buoy.

Blondie vs Brookes II

Blondie, won the toss and chose the Middlesex station for the first piece.  Brookes held Blondie around the outside of the first bend with only a few warnings from the umpire.  Both crews battled intensely coming past the bandstand, Brookes finished with a marginal win of half a length.

Again, the crews started the second piece with a rolling start.  At this point the Brookes had the advantage of the inside of the Surrey bend.  By St. Paul’s they moved out to a one length lead and were able to extend this lead from Hammersmith Bridge to the finish line at the Black Buoy.


Lightweights vs Brookes III.

This race proved to be the most exciting and closest race of the morning.  For the first piece, Cambridge won the toss and choose the Middlesex station. Brookes held Cambridge well around the outside of the bend and were able to stay level.  Brookes were half a length up when both crews were warned by the umpire.  Clashing meant that the race then had to be restarted.  Following the restart, the piece finished with Cambridge wining with a slight lead over Brookes.

The second piece for the again proved to be an exciting race with both crews battling for the lead throughout.  Clashing again, outside Fulham Football Club stopped both boats progress but once moving again the final inside of the Fulham bend gave the lightweight crew the advantage to finally come away with a half-length win.