Ed Hallam

CUWBC are deeply saddened to bring news of the untimely passing of Edward Hallam, our Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach. Our thoughts and prayers are with Edward’s family, particularly his wife Melanie and their beautiful daughter, Summer.

Ed was a very special chap, highly professional in all that he did as an S&C Coach, whilst managing to bring fun and enjoyment to all those he trained. Ed was an established Strength and Conditioning coach who has been involved with Cambridge University sport for a number of years whilst building up a well regarded business in Cambridge, he had been coaching at Cambridge University Boat Club since 2007 and Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club since 2003.

Ed’s involvement with CUWBC began back in 2014, our Chief Coach, Rob Baker knew Ed as they had worked together in Ireland where Rob was coaching the Irish rowing team and Ed was the S&C Coach in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Ed played a major part in the the development of Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club toward 2015 when the Boat Race moved to the Tideway for the first time becoming an integral part of the coaching team. Ed was known for his high standards and demanded precision and focus from those he coached whilst giving each individual the time and care they needed to improve. Ed took great professional satisfaction seeing the squad, some who were quite inexperienced athletes, developing strength and skills over time to deliver some impressive performances over the racing season. This continued this academic year, and whilst he was unable to watch the race in Putney, Ed closely followed the progress of the squad, always wanting to know how the students were training and racing, he was delighted to see the wins for our Blondie Crew and CUBC’s Blue Boat at the 2016 Boat Races.

Ed was a well respected and popular member of the CUWBC Support Team who will be hugely missed by his colleagues at CUWBC and by the students who knew him.

“When you are sorrowful look again at your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight”. – Kahlil Gibran