CUWBC win Victor Ludorum at Kingston Regatta

CUWBC won the Victor Ludorum at Kingston Regatta last weekend. Kingston is our annual regatta for the Development Squad as it provides a friendly environment with a good selection of competitors.

Development Squad Coach, Patrick Ryan reports:

The IM3 crew of Zoe Wible, Helena Raraty, Rebecca Abbott, Katy Surman and cox – Amy Wilkinson raced Maidstone Invicta RC and LYR Tradesman and won, a little nervous and as a result short but held on to win by 3/4 of a length. They then raced Twickenham RC, the crew worked hard but struggled in the lumpy water to get the loading out of their shoulders. The crew of cox – Charlotte Coles, Stroke – Melody Georgina Swiers, 3 – Paula Wulff and the bow pair of Lucy Pike and Rachel Elwood (yes the bow pair are from the victorious 2016 Blondie crew) were strong against Weybridge and drew Kingston Grammar in the final. A good tight race early on but they won through to win by clear water.

4 points towards the Victor Ludorum

This year we had an IM3 2x of Eve Caroe and Ada Krzak who had learnt to scull in their time in Cambridge, sadly though i think the bends on the Cam must have been the other direction as they struggled with the course. I jest, they were leading but struggled with the steering, Having only one session together the didn’t have the experience to turn it around. i know they were disappointed which can only mean they will improve in the future.

The Novice 8 crew of Gwen Davis, Xiao Zheng, Rosie Boxall, Sophie Miller, Aurelia Dixon, Megan Lloyd-Palmer, Sophia Peacock, Jade Harding and cox – Lizzie Gaunt, were awarded a bye in the first round, in round two they drew Thames RC’s Novice 8, a good tight race, they have been a strong group at TRC having a large group training regularly together, however though they also struggled for length held on to win a good race, the final they improved their skills and won convincingly over Kingston RC.

Another 8 points towards the Victor Ludorum, going into the break 3 points clear of Twickenham.

The lunch Break saw the Diamond Jubilee Sprint Racing, We drew Kingston RC in Round one which we won with style, Kingston however left there best crew for the final, I thought it should have been a rerow, as it was a floating start, a great race to learn how to stay focused on what you can control, after a few minutes deliberation though they called it as a win by 1 foot for Cambridge.

Its none stop though and we were back on the water for the afternoon, with 2 Novice 4’s the first 4+ up of Cecilia Ricks, Megan Lloyd-Palmer, Sophia Peacock, Jade Harding and cox – Amy Wilkinson on paper was strong but TRC wanted revenge for their earlier defeat and won in a good race. So it was down to Aurelia Dixon, Xiao Zheng, Rosie Boxall, Ada Krzak and cox – Lizzie Gaunt and in the first round they had a row over, good opportunity to practice though and in round two they won through against another 4 from TRC and Putney Town RC. a good solid race that was driven by each athlete in the boat. The final though saw them come up against the 4 that had beaten their teammates and sadly they proved to strong. Good race to watch.

Only two rounds in the IM3 8+, the first round saw the crew of Zoe Wible, Hannah Stewart, Eve Caroe, Katy Surman, Paula Wulff, Sophie Miller, Rebecca Abbott, Melody Swiers and cox – Charlotte Coles dispense with Maidstone Invite RC in impressive fashion. A subtle reminder that they had won a race not the event, and thinking about what was the goal to improve in the Final saw them come out swinging. From the finish it looked quite close but as they got closer they were putting down good strokes and finished 2 lengths clear.

That’s 8 more towards the VL and we retain the trophy for a third year.

I wanted to complement the athletes, the way they conducted themselves, good sportsmanship to their opposition, being helpful and looking after one another and working towards making changes in what for much of the day were not easy conditions. A strong wind and lots of water traffic back and forth and nowhere for the water to settle meant it was at times challenging to find their feet but a better environment to test and learn about their new skills for people just beginning their rowing journey is difficult to find. Especially for those who’ll make it onto the tideway.