CUWBC Win at Fuller’s Head of the River Fours

This past weekend saw CUWBC win at Fuller’s Head of the River Fours in the W.IM2.4+ (A) category, posting a time of 21:26.85 along the familiar Tideway course. Three CUW crews raced, with the second four posting only a marginally slower time of 21:34.24, and the third four crossing the line in at 22:24.67. All three crews beat their Oxford counterparts, with the first four achieving the position of fastest women’s coxed four on the river.

Results can be found here , and the summary of category winners here.

Nicola Pocock (Blondie 2009) had this to say about the 2nd IV’s race:

“A good race, with a good rhythm. Overtaking and blade clashes added some
interest, but we kept in our bubble and pushed ahead. Only in the last
couple of hundred metres did tiredness start to win as we took it up,
crossing the line scrappy but still full of grunt.”

Anna Kendrick of the Winning IV wrote:

“We built our power and rate together as we came through the start at Chiswick
Bridge, and instantly focused on the critical goal of setting a rhythm
which we could maintain and push off through the piece. This was my first time
on the wide-open Tideway, and it’s certainly a new game after the Cam; the
scale of it all lent a certain urgency, perhaps, to the task ahead. We were
lucky with the conditions; with comparatively flat water, we could keep our
rate up by focusing on catch timings and quick, powerful turnarounds at the
finish. Our coxswain kept a steady eye on the crews ahead, steering nervily
through tight, near-clashes as we overtook the crews ahead. This was the
longest sustained high-rate piece we’d performed under race conditions thus
far, so we were all pleased with the outcome – though the constant business of
gaining speed through fitness, power, and individual technical focuses remains
the goal.”

Winning CUWBC IV

Congratulations to all the girls on a strong start to the winter season leading to the HBRs this coming March.