CUWBC Trial Races Round-Up

Over the last two days, CUWBC’s lightweight and openweight squads have taken part in their trial races in Henley and London respectively. The races involve the squads being divided into matched crews to race each other over the full boat race courses.  Speaking about the races, Chief Coach Rob Baker said:

“The Trial races are an important marker in the season for the Club. We have had two very encouraging races providing the squad with invaluable experience of Boat Race conditions to take forward towards their races in March and April next year.”

Lightweight Trial Races – Henley-On-Thames

The lightweight trial races were held over the 2000m course in Henley-On-Thames. CUWBC lightweights raced in two coxed fours (“Hot” and “Bothered”) which were selected based on racing in coxless pairs the day before. “Bothered” beat “Hot” by 1 1/4 lengths. 

IMG_1202Lightweight Captain, Ellie Hopgood, who was in the winning crew reported:

“Bothered” made a decisive push around Remenham club which saw them take control of the race. However, “Hot” didn’t lose their composure and made a number of pushes that saw them continue to put pressure on “Bothered” all the way down the course.”

Trial Eights – The Tideway, London

The Trial Eights took place over the Championship Course from Putney to Mortlake with “Hallam” racing against “Needs” – the crews named in memory of two legendary CUWBC supporters. The race finished in a 3 length win for “Hallam”

Matthew Holland, cox of “Hallam” said:

“Hallam got off to a strong, punchy start which we consolidated to 2/3 of a length by the Black Buoy. Along the Fulham straight Needs held well, and we settled into a lengthy and chunky rhythm, enabling us to stretch our lead to a length by Hammersmith. We hope we have done Ed proud!”

Hammersmith tweetImogen Grant, stroke of “Needs” said:

“As their corner ran out, we inched back towards Hammersmith, but couldn’t quite use the long Surrey bend to come back on terms. A concerted push from Hallam saw them move to just within overlap which we held through pushes of our own until contact was finally broken after the eyot.”

The Henley Boat Races take place on Sunday 26 March 2017.
The Cancer Research UK Boat Races take place on Sunday 2 April 2017.