CUWBC Squad Members Racing May Bumps

The 2018 May Bumps will take place between Wednesday 13th June and Saturday 16th June 2018 and will see 26 of CUWBC’s 2018 Squad racing along with several previous Squad members.

Ever wondered what “Bumps” are? The below an exert from the CUCBC website, the full history can be seen here.

“‘Bumping’ is an unusual form of racing which evolved on the Cam during the 1820s. It allows races to happen, involving crews from a large number of competing Colleges, on a short stretch of river most of which is too narrow or not straight enough to permit more conventional side-by-side knock-out regattas. As more College crews appeared on the rowing scene, the race had to be divided into more Divisions. Currently there are seven Lent and ten May divisions, each with 17 or 18 boats, with about 15% of the University participating.”

The Queens’ College crew features Laura Foster (stroke) and Rebecca Hartwell (6).

Olivia Coffey, who won Gold with the USA at the 2015 World Rowing Championships and was the spare at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games will be racing bumps for Homerton, and said:

“I’m really looking forward to representing Homerton in the Bumps. I’ve done a lot of racing, but this event will by far be the most unique one that I’ve ever participated in. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know the other rowers in my college.”

Meanwhile, Millie Perrin will be racing in her ninth set of Bumps for First and Third Trinity Boat club and is still as excited as she was for her first;

“I absolutely love bumps. The rush of adrenaline you get when the four minute and one minute canons go off is both the most terrifying and most exciting feeling! I cannot wait to race down the course with First and Third. It has been great getting back in the boat with my friends from college and FaT W1 are ready to smash some sterns!”

The CUWBC Squad members racing for their College Boat Clubs this year will be:

  • Tara Slade – Caius M1 (Cox)
  • Victoria Walker – Caius W1
  • Jamie Fox – Clare W1
  • Sarah Carlotti – Churchill W1
  • Kathryn Dodds – Churchill W1
  • Thea Zabell – Downing W1
  • Abigail Parker – Emmanuel W1
  • Aurelia Dixon – First & Third Trinity W1
  • Amelia Perrin – First & Third Trinity W1
  • Lou Brett – Fitzwilliam W1
  • Kelsey Barolak – Homerton W1
  • Olivia Coffey – Homerton W1
  • Steph Payne – Homerton W1 (Cox)
  • Alice White – Homerton W1
  • Paula Wesselmann – Jesus W1
  • Myriam Goudet-Boukhatmi – Lucy Cavendish W1
  • Catriona Bourne – Magdalene M1 (Cox)
  • Ellie Thompson – Newnham W1
  • Emma Andrews – Pembroke W1
  • Sally O’Brien – Peterhouse W1
  • Naomi Pygott – Peterhouse W1
  • Laura Foster – Queens’ W1
  • Rebecca Hartwell – Queens’ W1
  • Lucy Pike – Trinity Hall W1
  • Larkin Sayre – Wolfson W1
  • Kate Shipley – Wolfson W1