CUWBC Present Inaugural Academic Excellence Award

On Sunday 23 April, the CUWBC Academic Excellence Award was presented to four members of Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club during the Club’s AGM. This award recognises outstanding academic and sporting achievements by members of the 2015/16 CUWBC Squad and will be presented on an annual basis hereafter.

CUWBC President, Ashton Brown, on behalf of the CUWBC Executive Committee formally recognized those athletes who achieved First Class grades in end of year examinations in an Undergraduate degree or Distinctions for Graduate Students while trialling and rowing for CUWBC in the Varsity Races against Oxford.

The CUWBC Coaching team knows the rowers are students first, and work hard to ensure the rigorous training programme fits around the academic demands of each student, while helping the rowers to reach their potential in the sport too. Speaking about the new award, CUWBC Chief Coach Said:

“At the CUWBC we aspire to be one of the best rowing clubs in the world, this aspiration always comes hand in hand with the academic demands at Cambridge University. We are immensely proud that all of our athletes do very well academically in many different subjects from Undergraduate to Graduate students. We are especially proud of the work of these four students and we are very pleased to be able to be able to honour them with this award.”

24/04/17 Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club’s academic award presentation to four members of the Boat Race squads being recognised for their academic achievement and sporting prowess. From left, Alice Jackson, Ashton Brown, President of CUWBC, Olivia Godwin, Cath Bishop, chair of CUWBC, Dorottya Nagy and Dame Fiona Reynolds. Picture: Warren Gunn

Dame Fiona Reynolds DBE, Master of Emmanuel College and a Deputy Vice-Chancellor presented the awards to Alice Jackson, Olivia Godwin, Dorottya Nagy and Rachel Snow in the company of over 100 supporters and partners from across Cambridge University, including academics, masters of colleges and development directors, as well as CUWBC alumni and supporters.

The presentation took place at the Goldie Boathouse, which opened its doors to welcome friends and supporters, as well as to show off the 3 trophies won in this year’s Boat Races. Cath Bishop, Chair of the CUWBC Executive Committee welcomed all, highlighting the special bond that united those present:

“Everyone here today at Goldie Boathouse is united by the pursuit of excellence, whether in rowing or studying, and all are incredibly proud of the achievements of the students who row for Cambridge University alongside reaching their academic potential.”

The CUWBC Executive Committee with the trophies from all three of the 2017 Boat Races


The recipients of the award were:

Alice Jackson (Homerton) – A graduate of UCL, Alice came to Cambridge to study for a PGCE in Physics and rowed in the 2016 Blue Boat.

Olivia Godwin (Trinity) – A student of Classics, Olivia coxed in the 2016 Trial VIIIs and was spare cox for the 2016 Boat Races.

Dorottya Nagy (Churchill) – Studying Veterinary Medicine, Dorottya learned to row with her College Boat Club before joining CUWBC’s Development Squad. She raced in both the Lightweight 8 and Blondie in the 2016 Boat Races.

Rachel Snow (Churchill) – A student of Medicine, Rachel learned to row with Churchill College Boat Club in 2013 before joining CUWBC. She raced in both the Lightweight 8 and Blondie in the 2016 Boat Races.