Cambridge Women send 12 athletes to BUCS Small Boats Head

The racing season begins for members of the CUWBC team this weekend and we are excited!

After a couple of months training on the Great Ouse at Ely it is time to race along another section of this fabulous bit of water!

On 24th October 12 athletes will compete at BUCS Small Boats Head.  The event is hosted by Boston Rowing Club and takes place over 5 km.  The BUCS event is once again held in conjunction with the 1st GB Rowing Team Assessment.  This will be a two day event as those trialling for GB as they will also be tested on the Saturday in Boston.

Assistant Coach, Patrick Ryan says,

“This weekend is an exciting opportunity to test our latest group of athletes against the nations best”

Crews are made up of athletes who have Boat Race experience racing alongside those new to the programme.

The CUWBC Coxless Pairs competing  this weekend are listed below.


Stroke: Caoimhe Dempsey (Newnham)                                               Stroke: Sophie Paine (Wolfson)

Bow: Bronya Sykes (Caius)                                                                     Bow: Patricia Smith (Christ’s)


Stroke: Adriana Perez-Rotondo (Newnham)                                      Stroke: Sarah Portsmouth (Newnham)

Bow: Rebecca Dell (Christ’s)                                                                   Bow: Abigail Parker (Emmanuel)


Stroke: Eva Simkens (Clare)                                                                    Stroke: Rebecca Smith (Newnham)

Bow: Larkin Sayre (Emmanuel)                                                             Bow: Laura Foster (Queens’)

*(athletes trialling GB in bold)

Would you like to be part of our team?  Contact Chief Coach Robert Weber HERE