BUCS Regatta

CUWBC will be racing this weekend at BUCS Regatta in Nottingham. With weather conditions predicted to be challenging racing conditions may be difficult. Racing begins on Saturday morning and ends on Monday. With over one thousand entries this regatta is an important fixture in the racing calendar.

For more details about the regatta please see: www.bucs.org.uk and Twitter @BUCSsport

The Light Blue Crews are as below:

Lightweight Double Scull
Iona Casley (Caius) and Peta Blundell (Hughes Hall)

Intermediate Pair
Dorottya Nagy (Churchill) and Kate Baker (Homerton)

Championship Pair
Myriam Goudet (Lucy Cavendish) and Hannah Roberts (Jesus)

Lightweight Coxless Four
Iona Casley (Caius), Peta Blundell (Hughes Hall), Ellie Hopgood (Girton), Imogen Grant (Trinity)

Championship Eight
Alexandra Wood (Newnham), Fiona Macklin (St John’s), Lucy Pike (Trinity Hall), Thea Zabell (Downing), Daphne Martschenko (Magdalene), Myriam Goudet (Lucy Cavendish), Hannah Roberts (Jesus), Zara Goozee (Downing), Cox: Nicole Abernethy (St. Edmund’s)

Lightweight Pair
Ellie Hopgood (Girton), Imogen Grant (Trinity)

Intermediate Coxed Four
Dorottya Nagy (Churchill), Oonagh Cousins (Caius), Sarah Carlotti (Churchill) Lucy Pike (Trinity Hall), Cox: Nicole Abernethy (St. Edmund’s)

We are very proud to announce the crews that will be racing for CUWBC for the very first time. These crews are part of the CUWBC Development Squad.

Beginner Coxed Four
Anna Faulkner (St Catherine’s), Cecilia Ricks (Downing), Megan Lloyd-Palmer (Newnham), Hannah Streat (Trinity) Cox: Evie Lindsay (Cauis)

Intermediate Pair
Paula Wulff (Churchill), Katy Surman (Churchill)

Intermediate Coxed Four
Katy Surman (Churchill), Eve Caroe (Emmanuel), Hannah Stewart (Pembroke), Zoe Wible (Trinity) Cox: Richard Mifsud (Christ’s)