Boat Races Dinner

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The Boat Races are fast approaching and we are incredibly excited to see the crews race!  The team has worked incredibly hard to reach this point in the season, balancing a demanding academic schedule alongside the requirements of being part of a high performance rowing team.

Final preparations are going well, the fine tuning and mental preparations are being attended to.

As per tradition, we celebrate the season with a “Blues Dinner” after the races in London where the crews are guests of the Club. The dinner is the one time in the year when we gather all our crews and alumni alongside parents, family and Light Blue supporters to celebrate the achievements of the year.

Join us at the Boat Races Dinner will be held at 1900hrs on Sunday 7th April.

At The Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London W1.

You can book your tickets using the following link:-