Banyoles – Training Camp 2019

Earlier this month, the Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club and Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club flew to Banyoles, Spain to take advantage of the winter break for some intensive training on the buoyed 2k race course there. The squad spent a week in Banyoles, returning to Cambridge many kilometers later ready to come into Lent term with renewed excitement and relentless purpose.
Laura Foster (Queens’) says, “The training camp is a great opportunity to spend a week focusing almost solely on rowing. In adding to extra time on the water cementing technical improvements and racing side by side, we get to do daily in-depth videos reviews and devote time to developing our personal foci for the next stretch of training. Banyoles allows us to have fun hanging out as a team and going fast!”
She adds, “Because term time is so hectic, being away from Cambridge allows everyone to take a bit of a breather so we can attack the last few months leading into the Boat Races with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”