Alumni Crew Reunion – 1999 Lightweight Crew

The 1999 CUWBC Lightweight Crew are making intensive preparations for their 20-year reunion.



A reunion row is in store!

CUWBC lycra has been retrieved from the attic and assessed for ‘shrinkage in the wash’.  Lunch and dinner venues have been booked (the sourcing of food naturally featuring high on the priority list of former Lightweight Crews). A reunion row has been organised with the Crabtree Boat Club very kindly lending us a ‘big boys’ boat, and the CUWBC most generously giving us the use of the Amaryllis launch.

Twenty years on from Cambridge

In the 20 years since our race against Oxford, we have pursued different interests, built careers and families. Some crew members have relocated to far flung reaches of the globe such as Hong Kong and New Zealand.   Whilst others have remained in the UK. Some have continued in rowing or in other sporting ventures, whilst others will be struggling to remember whether they rowed bow or strokeside and what on earth a ‘gate’ is in the context of a boat!

What brings us together is the wish to sustain the bond we made in the run up to our race against Oxford in 1999. As highlighted in the ‘Thank You Rowing’ post that has been doing the rounds on Facebook recently, rowing is an unsurpassable training ground in how to develop grit, determination, resilience, teamwork, and of course friendship.


We formed a remarkable team as we worked together to overcome the challenges of erg tests, seat racing, long winter hours at Ely (very much sans boat house in our day) and of course dieting. We had difficult times such as half the crew coming down with flu at our Marlow Scout Hut training camp. Exciting times such as rowing in driving hail on ‘Armageddon Day’.  Humorous times, such as the day the coaches were stranded with the fishermen at Ely after running out of launch fuel.  And many, many wonderful times. We did win at the Women’s Eight’s Head, but we didn’t beat Oxford.  And we had one unforgettable trip to the famous universities of America’s east coast shortly after our race.







It is wonderful to have witnessed the growth of CUWBC over the past 20 years. Closer links with CULRC and CUBC have been brilliant for developing top class rowing in Cambridge.  The fantastic new boat house has given the club resources that we could only dream of in 1999. What a place from which to win boat races!

It is a privilege for us to come back to row together and to continue to be part of the CUWBC story.

The Crew from 1999


Bow: Ruth Kenworthy (Murray Edwards)

2: Alex Stout (Queens‘)

3: Karen Hartshorn (St John’s)

4: Lucy Ficenec (Jesus)

5: Helen Mason (Emmanuel)

6: Emily McGarry (Emmanuel)

7: Emma Wylie (Homerton)

Stroke: Gundula Hennig (Fitzwilliam)

Cox: Simon Cope (Christ’s)