CUWBC Development Squad at Molesey Regatta

A week after our success at Kingston Regatta, CUWBC Development Squad descended upon Molesey Regatta and left again with an impressive haul of pots.

First up was the ‘B’ IV in an exciting first round race against Poplar. The two crews remained close down the course but in the end the CUW IV stole the victory by just half a length. Both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ IVs made it through the semis ‘easily’ and so racing for the two IVs culminated in a final against each other. There wasn’t much between them off the start but the ‘A’ IV moved away steadily down the course and finished 4 lengths ahead.

By mid-morning it was getting quite warm and Lizzie, who was entered both in her single and in the ‘A’ IV, used the first 1x round as an opportunity for a refreshing swim. In their first ever sculling event, Marthe and Elly won their first round comfortably – 3 ¼ lengths ahead of their competition – but were then knocked out in the semis.


In the IM3 VIIIs category, the ‘C’ VIII were the first to take to the course and strolled through to the next round. The Scullers VIII, a fairly scratch crew made up of those that had spent the week learning to scull, came together admirably and also won their first round comfortably. The ‘C’ VIII was knocked out in a very close semi final by a strong Molesey crew on home water. The Molesey crew was then up against the mighty CUWBC Scullers VIII in the final and this time CUW came out on top, winning the final by 3 ½ lengths.

Our two Novice VIIIs both made it through the first round comfortably and so came up against each other in the second CUW-CUW final of the day. ‘D’ triumphed over ‘E’, but it was up no means a walk-over. As they crossed the finish line, the distance between the two crews was 1 1/3 length.

A befitting end to an excellent Dev Squad – bring on next year!