2012 Henley Boat Races crews

CUWBC is excited to announce the crews for the HBR 2012.

The crew order for each crew will be finalised over the coming weeks, but the crews will get their first test when racing next weekend at Henley Head.  Click on each crew to find out more about the crew members, and look out for crew blogs in the near future!

Newton Women’s Boat Race crew (Blue Boat):

Anna Railton
Caroline Reid
Cath Wheeler
Fay Sandford
Holly Game
Izzi Boanas-Evans
Rebecca Pound
Sarah Moir-Porteous
cox: Kate Richards

Find out more about each crew member here.

Lightweight Women’s Boat Race crew (sponsored by KPMG):

Charlotte McClean
Christabel Lines
Emily Day
Emma Copham
Hannah Morgan
Lenka Veselovska
Martina Lagatierra-Wellington
Olga Kasyanova
cox: Harriet Marsh

Find out more about each crew member here.

Newton Women’s Reserves Race crew (Blondie):

Annie Elkington
Christine Hoyer
Eleanor Wigham
Fran Knight
Helena Schofield
Lucy Griffin
Marthe Kloecking
Rose Tallon
cox: Christopher Clark

Find out more about each crew member here.


Christina Pettit
Emily Maw
Lizzie Gorton
Lousie Gale
Sarah Knight
cox: Priya Crosby

Find out more about the spares here.