Trial 8s Crews Announced

CUBC announces its Trial 8s crews

NEWS: We are pleased to announce the crews for our Trial Eights Races.

CUBC have chosen to commemorate Lieutenant Colonel Roger Kerrison and Lieutenant Lancelot Ridley by naming their Trial Eights crews Roger and Lancelot.

‘Roger’ is named for Lieutenant Colonel Roger Kerrison, of Trinity College, who rowed in both the losing 1893 and 1894 Boat Races and took his BA in 1895. Lt. Col. Kerrison died on active service on September 18, 1917.

‘Lancelot’ honours Lieutenant Lancelot Ridley of Jesus College, who coxed both the losing 1913 and winning 1914 CUBC crews. Ridley took his BA in 1913 but came back to study further. Joining the Royal Berkshire Regiment, Lieutenant Ridley was killed in action on the Somme on August 9th, 1916.

The crew lists are as follows:

Stroke. Freddie Davidson (Emmanuel)
7. Tom Strudwick (Christ’s)
6. Gerard Kuenning (Queens’)
5. Callum Sullivan (Downing)
4. Harry Baxter (Hughes Hall)
3. Harry Sivills (Robinson)
2. Joe Nash (Caius)
Bow. Tim Nugent (Jesus)
Cox. Charlie Marcus (Trinity)

Stroke. Reggie Mitchell (Trinity)
7. Rob Harris (Pembroke)
6. Dara Alizadeh (Hughes Hall)
5. Grant Bitler (Hughes Hall)
4. Jonty Page (Pembroke)
3. Dave Bell (Homerton)
2. Hugo Durward (Sidney Sussex)
Bow. Theo Weinberger (St. John’s)
Cox. Matthew Holland (Caius)