The Glass Ceiling Project

Calling for Smashing People!  A few years ago, Lene Northwood (nee Hansen – 1997) found the young rowers that she was coaching were being given very little guidance going into their working lives, so she put together some basic presentation modules for them. Since then over a dozen more modules have been written and it has morphed into a comprehensive online training program called ‘The Glass Ceiling Project’ with quizzes, blogs and interviews with incredible and inspiring people (you might even recognise someone).

The basic aim of this project is to help people transition into work more smoothly. The wider aim is to support diversity and level the playing field, i.e. basically smash the invisible barriers that so many people struggle with every day. As a result, there are modules that deal with Life Skills (e.g. Self-Awareness, Building Resilience), Job Skills (e.g. On the Job, Managing Others) and Specialist Skills (e.g. Guidebooks for Project Managers and Scientists). Now she would dearly like to have some volunteers who would be willing to look at one or more modules and materials and give feedback when the pilot is launched next month in November. The modules are designed to be quite light and fun (each one usually takes less than an hour).

If you would like to help, firstly take a moment to pat yourself on the back because you’re absolutely smashing; secondly send an email to Lene at [email protected] . She would love to hear from you!