Oliver Watkins to Speak at Iris & Bates Alumni Dinner

Former University of Cambridge student Oliver Watkins will speak at the Cambridge University Rowing Alumni Dinner on 17 November.

Oliver Watkins is, by his own admission, an unlikely choice as after dinner speaker. His rowing career started in unspectacular fashion, however this undistinguished start was soon overshadowed by a number of much more high profile failures. A wise decision was made in 2005 to leave rowing to his much more talented wife, Anna Watkins. Oliver graduated from Cambridge University having gained a PhD in Systems and Control Engineering, after which he went to work for McLaren Racing.

Surrounded by sporting success at the highest level without ever quite being part of it, Oliver has gained an interesting perspective on the anatomy of performance, which he brings to life with observations from the front line of Formula 1. Since leaving McLaren he has founded Canopy Simulations with the aim of bringing the simulation technology used by the leading F1 teams to other motorsport teams, and everyone else who wants to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

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