Eira Parry from High Performance Parenting shares top tips for supporting young athletes

Eira Parry brings over 15 years teaching and coaching experience to the Cambridge parent and carer community. Eira’s highly regarded parent workshops give those guiding young people an opportunity to explore how they might be more effective in supporting young athletes through the ups and downs of sport. Eira will share her knowledge and insights into how you can ensure a sport/life balance, pick up key performance enhancing dialogue tips and learn about parent behaviour protocols. Three key areas in supporting your young athlete as they learn key skills that will help them on and off the field.

Hannah Roberts CUWBC President 2015-16 and Ilia Cherezov squad member of CURUFC will be joining us on the evening and form the Q&A panel. You will be able hear how they have managed to balance demanding academic schedules alongside playing sport in the two most highly viewed student sporting events in the UK.
Hannah was determined to take the opportunity to pursue high-level competitive sport and when considering her UCAS choices selected universities with high performance rowing programmes. Hannah came to Jesus College in 2013 and immediately joined CUWBC.

NaomiBaker_TheBoatRaces_2016_ 5“Rowing with CUWBC helped me not only improve my rowing but also in the way I approach my work and academics. During the season the high volume of work and training meant that I have learnt how to develop effective time management strategies and the ability to work efficiently. Rowing helped with my exam preparation as I was able to use the techniques that I had learned to avoid stress around racing and apply them to my work and remain more relaxed than my peers.

I have also found that rowing has given me experiences that I couldn’t replicate outside sport. My ability to work within and lead a team has fostered and tested throughout my time with CUWBC leaving me with the confidence that I can make my voice heard when I need it to be.”

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