CUWBC Alumnae Travel to China

CUWBC Alumnae set off to China for a week of racing in two different Chinese cities. The group will first set foot in Tianjin, a major port city in northeastern China,  where they will partake in an indoor rowing competition, an 8-oared race and a canoeing competition. Outside of the events, we have been invited to some unique cultural exchanges and a visit to a local school to inspire young students to row and study at University. We have heard rumours of its spas and baths, but are excited to discover the city with our own eyes!

Our second destination is Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang province, which boasts a ‘dreamy West Lake’ and is reputed for being China’s most enduringly popular holiday spots. The schedule in this city will be very similar, so we look forward to be able to keep raising our standards.
We will be racing University teams from across the World, including Princeton, Yale, HEC Paris, Pisa, Copenhagen and local Universities. This trip has been generously sponsored by the Hangzhou East Tang Sports Culture Development Company to hold the 2018 World Famous University Rowing Regatta. The Cambridge team comprises of alumnae from the 2014 through to the 2018 squads:
CREW (from stroke to bow)
Cox: Sophie Shapter (BB 2018)
Thea Zabell (BB 2016, 18, Blondie 2017)
Daphne Martschenko (BB 2015, 16, Blondie 2018)*
Fi Macklin (Lightweights 2014, BB 2016)
Lucy White (Triallist, 2016)
Izzy Vyvyan (BB 2014, Blondie 2015)
Anouska Bartlett (Blondie, 2014)
Cat Foot (BB 2014, Blondie 2015)
Ashton Brown (BB 2015, 16, 17)*
*previous President
We will be sharing news from across the world so stay tuned in!