Mark Wolfson OBE MP

In Memoriam – Mark Wolfson OBE MP

The Club is sad to inform its members of the death of Mark Wolfson, OBE MP. An alumnus of Eton and Pembroke, Wolfson was a triple Henley winner, including his win in the Goblets in 1956. Although not himself a Blue, Mark’s involvement with CUBC was a long one, including his stints coaching in 1967 and 1969. It was his absence in 1968 due to his involvement in the ‘Back Britain’ campaign that led to DFL becoming an ongoing CUBC coach.

After Cambridge, he became heavily involved in education, and was principal of Brathay Hall. From 1979 to 1997 he was MP for Sevenoaks, earning a reputation as a local member who was fiercely devoted to his constituency. The Wolfson involvement in CUBC was generational, with his son Julian coxing the Blue Boat in 1987.

His funeral will be held at at 11am on Tuesday December 4th at St Margaret’s Church in Westminster (SW1P 3JX). Club and PCBC members are encouraged to attend, and it is hoped that members will make a showing in blazers.