Freddie Davidson

2020 President’s Message

I am hugely honoured to have been elected to lead the Cambridge University Boat Club  for the 2020 Boat Race Campaign. In its 191 years, CUBC has built a history to be proud of, and it is one that I have experienced in my three years rowing for the Light Blues. To be a CUBC athlete is to be one who from teammates, coaches, and alumni finds unwavering support, immense camaraderie and passion. 

No one could fail to be motivated as an athlete by seeking to following in the Club’s tradition, and to win the Boat Race. No one could fail to be challenged by the undertaking CUBC’s scholar-athletes make; they balance high level studies at one of the world’s great universities with a training commitment the equal of national team programs. We are also challenged by worthy opposition who it would be folly not to respect. 

In the course of a Boat Race campaign, they will undergo months of hard work and sacrifice, but are rewarded by being part of the community of Cambridge rowers who have raced from Putney to Mortlake. They will work harder than they imagined, they will travel around the world with the Club, and they will join all who have gone before them in shaping to future of the Club. 

As the President of the CUBC, I encourage you to consider joining the Club. We are proud of our record in the Boat Races, and we are proud of our record of including athletes from talented novices to Olympic Gold medallists, and developing each athlete who trials. We provide top-level facilities, coaching and, most importantly, a competitive and supportive environment that pushes every athlete to reach their highest potential. 

If you have what it takes to help us achieve our goal, our only goal—to defeat the rowers of Oxford—please let us know.

Freddie Davidson
CUBC President
September 2019