How to leave a legacy to the CUBC

To provide flexible support for the Club’s most immediate needs, The CUBC Foundation (company number 09727665) is the legal entity of the Club which will receive your gift. Gifts to the endowment will be received by The CUBC Rowing Charitable Fund (registered charity number 1195124).

There are a number of ways to leave a legacy to CUBC:

A residuary bequest leaves all or part of the remainder of your estate, after other legacies and charges have been met. 

A pecuniary bequest leaves a specified sum of money. If you already have a will, a pecuniary bequest can be added by means of a codicil. This form of gift is very simple to arrange and can be index-linked to prevent its value being eroded by inflation. 

A reversionary bequest leaves your assets to a named beneficiary for their lifetime: for example, your spouse or other dependant. On their death, the whole or a specified proportion will revert to CUBC. 

A specific bequest leaves a gift in kind, such as property, gifts of stock, valuables, works of art or collections, to CUBC, either on terms that they be retained or that they be sold and the proceeds devoted to CUBC purposes.

You can find out more about each of these ways to give by contacting our legacies team or by talking to your solicitor. 

A bequest to CUBC is free of tax for all UK tax payers. Tax advantages vary depending on your country of residence, so please get in touch with us or a qualified solicitor to discuss further.

Suggested wording 

Although we are unable to offer financial or legal advice, if you wish to leave a legacy to CUBC we will be very pleased to talk to you about your intentions, especially as to whether any of the gift is to be added to the Club’s endowment. 

The legal name of the Club to be used in any will or codicil is either “The CUBC Rowing Charitable Fund (registered charity number 1195124)” for endowed gifts or “The CUBC Foundation (company number 09727665)” for gifts providing immediate support. 

Example wording is in the paragraph below, but please seek your own independent legal advice on any drafting or concerns you may have: 

“I give to The CUBC Foundation (co. no. 09727665)/The CUBC Rowing Charitable Fund (registered charity number 1195124) the residue of my estate / % of the residue of my estate / the sum of £ (amount) free of tax and it is my wish (without creating a binding obligation) that the gift be applied to the CUBC’s endowment /provide flexible support for the CUBC’s most immediate needs / be split equally between the endowment and the Club’s most immediate needs / be used to support Y.  I declare that the receipt of a director of The CUBC Foundation and/or a trustee of The CUBC Rowing Charitable Fund shall be in full and sufficient discharge.” 

CUBC is committed to equality across our four programmes. We therefore suggest that your gift be made in support of the Club, rather than for the sole and exclusive benefit of a particularised group of CUBC athletes. 

Your will is a private matter but if you do want us to know that it is your current intention to leave a legacy to CUBC, please use this form. 

Returning the form does not commit you or us in any way. It simply gives us an indication of your current plans and allows us to respond appropriately. Your reply will be treated with complete confidentiality.

For more information, please contact: 

Sarah-Kate Roberts
Head of Regular Giving, Cambridge University Boat Club

[email protected] 

07938 482757 | mobile

Goldie Boathouse

Kimberley Road, Cambridge, CB4 1HJ